The fight to protect citizens against the devastating consequences of high volume horizontal hydraulic fracturing requires we work at every level of government to re-assert our constitutional right to be protected from harm to our water, land, health and well-being. The SAFE Legal Committee has research and developed legal documents pertaining to the right of citizens to be protected by each and every level of government. These tiers of protection are already articulated in law at the municipal, county and state levels. Citizens need to be aware of these rights and motivate government to stand up for and assert these protections in a timely manner.

Therefore, as we  continue to approach every level of government imploring they utilize their power and responsibility to protect Illinois citizens, before fracking ruins our precious state, we ask you to help do the same. Our tiny grassroots group cannot do this alone. But we have developed the materials to support others.  We rely on citizens in all parts of the state to use our approaches in their area, and we stand by our approach. As you help us, let us know how we can help you.

You will find the following documents on this website, developed by the SAFE Legal Committee in efforts to help protect every Illinois town, city, and county as well as the state. These documents include:

  • memorandums of law pertaining to the absolute power of the Governor to put a halt to horizontal drilling permits
  • memorandums of law pertaining to the power of county government to ban fracking in their jurisdiction
  • draft ban ordinances for towns, cities and counties to adopt at their will
  • letter in support of a moratorium on fracking for multi-purpose use at the state and local level