• How Fracking Destroys the American Dream

    http://ecowatch.com/2014/03/20/udated-fracking-vs-american-dream-resource-guide/ How Fracking Destroys the American Dream Resource Media | March 20, 2014 4:01 pm | Comments    Last fall, Resource Media compiled an in-depth media tip sheet to provide journalists with background information and sources about the growing body of evidence linking drilling with widespread impacts on property values,

  • Fracking Well Leak Spills 1,600 Gallons Of Oil Drilling Lubricant Into An Ohio Tributary

    Fracking Well Leak Spills 1,600 Gallons Of Oil Drilling Lubricant Into An Ohio Tributary BY JEFF SPROSS ON MAY 9, 2014 AT 11:48 AM   About 1,600 gallons of oil-based lubricant leaked into an Ohio river tributary this week, after an equipment failure at an oil and gas well. The rig site

  • Environmental Public Health Dimensions of Shale and Tight Gas Development

    Environmental Public Health Dimensions of  Shale and Tight Gas Development Seth B. Shonkoff, Jake Hays, and Madelon L. Finkel http://dx.doi.org/10.1289/ehp.1307866 Received: 9 November 2013 Accepted: 2 April 2014 Advance Publication: 16 April 2014 Abstract Background: The United States has experienced a boom in natural gas production due to recent technological

  • Illinois List of the Harmed – Video & Photos

    We have begun compiling a list of individuals and families in Illinois who have been or are currently being harmed (i.e., negatively impacted) by oil and gas exploration, production and delivery in Illinois. When there are photos or video, we include it by permission. Will we continually add to this

  • Wayne County Blowout – Two People Injured

    Fairfield Rig Explosion Highlights Loopholes in Illinois Fracking Regulations On a sub-zero degree Monday, January 27th, the casing blew out of a Woosley Operating Company oil rig near Highway 15 southeast of Fairfield, IL, wherein, two SAFE volunteers witnessed the wreckage the following Tuesday morning.  Local reports said that two

  • Fracking in the Land of Lincoln

    Greenpeace Releases Video of Contaminated Water in Southern Illinois The international environmental watchdog, Greenpeace, a several decades old nonviolent direct action organization, is now shining a light on our southern Illinois fracking issue. On Tuesday, January 28th, Mitch Wenkus, a Greenpeace filmmaker, just released Fracking in The Land of Lincoln. The short 10:53 minute video features a former oil

  • Fracking-Linked Earthquakes May Strike Far from Wells

    http://www.livescience.com/45322-fracking-wastewater-farther-earthquakes.html?cmpid=557645 By Becky Oskin, Staff Writer   |   May 02, 2014 04:18pm ET ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Fracking may cause earthquakes much farther from the sites of its wastewater wells than previously thought, researchers said here Friday (May 2) at the annual meeting of the Seismological Society of America. Click http://www.livescience.com/45322-fracking-wastewater-farther-earthquakes.html?cmpid=557645 to

  • A Fracking Manifesto from the People of Illinois to the Nation

        A Fracking Manifesto  from the people of Illinois to the nation June 3, 2013     We know that high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracking (HVHF) is an accident-prone, inherently dangerous industrial process with risks that include catastrophic and irremediable damage to our health and environment. We know that HVHF

  • Subsurface Trespass: Illinois Law Allows Horizontal Wells Under Residents Without Consent or Notification

    The New Fracking Statute: A Huge Loophole and, worse yet, a Trojan Horse by Vito A. Mastrangelo February 12, 2014 During the recent debate about new methods of fracking, the oil and gas industry used the term “fracking” as in “We’ve been fracking for 50 years.”  What they meant, at

  • Newfoundland bans fracking pending more research

    http://www.sunnewsnetwork.ca/sunnews/politics/archives/2013/11/20131104-132030.html QMI AGENCY Amid ongoing anti-fracking protests in New Brunswick that have at times turned violent, the government of Newfoundland and Labrador on Monday came out against the process, saying it requires more study. “Our government will not be accepting applications for onshore and onshore to offshore petroleum exploration using